Get a deep, dark UV FREE Airbrush tan in as little as 4 minutes - Frequently asked questions - Colchester, VT
NORTHERN LIGHTS SUNLESS EXPRESS - Cathy Chamberlain, Owner & Professional Airbrush Tan Technician
Air Brush Sunless Tanning F.A.Q.
1. What is the air-brushed sunless tanning process?
The air-brushed sunless tanning process uses an ingredient called dihydroxyacetone (DHA) to react with the skins amino acids. The reaction is like that of the sun, but is not damaging to the skin. The process results in a golden tan appearance that can last up to 10 days. It is a healthy safe way to tan. This new process appeals to both people who already like tanning beds and those who don't.
2. What kind of results can I expect?
The same results that you get from lying in a tanning bed or exposing yourself to the sun. Even though there is no skin damage from overexposure when you use the air-brushed sunless tanning process, with overexposure you could see a possible orange distortion instead of the bronze we are trying to achieve. The darker you tan naturally the darker you will become with the air-brushed sunless tanning process.
Before and After - Quite a difference!!
<---- Before & After results
        (Photo taken 4-20-13)
<---- Before & After results
        (photo taken 5/5/2013
These  legs belong to the young lady on the bottom right.  Yes, she really was THAT white.  The girls were getting ready for prom and they had a ball comparing each other before & after their spray tans.   They were lots of fun!!  They took these photos and sent them to to use on my website.  It's clients like them that makes my  job so enjoyable!!   After the spray, they all looked awesome and ready for their big night!!
Thanks Ladies for a great spray tanning session!
3. How long will this last?
This really depends on several factors. The air-brushed sunless tanning process only affects the epidermis layer of skin. Since cells are constantly being naturally discarded is recommended that you exfoliate with some type of scrub before you have the DHA solution applied. Just like with a UV generated tan, using a good moisturizer will prolong the life of your tan. Results can still be seen up to 10 days after application.
4. What are the challenges associated with the air-brushed sunless tanning process?
If you have used a self tanner from the drug store then you know some of the problems associated with the process: orange color, streaking, blotches, and tanned palms etc. The air-brushed sunless tanning process virtually eliminates most problems associated with self tanning. After being sprayed you need to avoid perspiration and don't shower for at least 4 hours.
5. How does the D.H.A. solution make your skin tan?
The D.H.A. solution causes the proteins in the outside layer of your skin to react with the oxygen in the air resulting in a bronzing effect. The best way to understand this can be illustrated in this analogy: When you take a bite out of an apple and set it down the fruit begins to turn brown after it is exposed to the air for a while. This is a very similar chemical reaction to what takes place with the D.H.A. and your skin after an airbrush session. So you can see that you are not applying a dye or color to your skin but rather creating a situation where your skin develops a beautiful natural bronze color on it's own through a natural chemical enhancement.