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Ingredients in the Tinted DHA  Airbrush Spray Solution
by BreeZe

BreeZe™ Tinted DHA Solution  is a superior tanning product developed using the latest technology designed to promote an initial color and subsequent DHA/Erythrulose highly natural tanning color.
The product contains a blend of Dihydroxyacetone (DHA) and Erythrulose in an optimized ratio to maximize the synergistic activity of DHA and Erythrulose.
The active materials are incorporated into a base designed to provide a good dry time with reduced drying of the skin. The base includes Aloe Vera Gel  together with Moisturizing ingredients to assist in preventing skin dry out and subsequent loss of tan due to dry loose skin after treatment.  
Also included is White Tea Complex which is a highly effective Anti-Oxidant. Erythrulose  is a natural sugar which when incorporated with DHA prolongs and produces a natural tan.
Well documented Clinical Studies illustrate the tan extension, color improvement and the activity in reducing skin dry out.   Blind studies have shown the optimum ratio of DHA and Erythrulose to achieve the maximum benefits.
Product Description
All "Breeze" DHA solutions contain Erythrulose.   When combined with Dihydroxyacetone  a.k.a. DHA it produces a deep dark tan that is unmatched by solutions that use DHA alone.  Erythrulose  is a natural keto-sugar which reacts with free primary or secondary amino groups (Maillard's reaction).   This reaction with free amino groups of the amino acids of keratin in the skin leads to the DHA-driven formation of brownish polymers, the so-called melanoids.
Erythrulose has been developed to reduce or even eliminate the disadvantages of the presently available self-tanning solutions, namely an irregular and streaky tan as well as a strong drying effect.
Erythrulose is a clear, preservative free solution of a biotechnologically produced, chiral carbohydrate.   The impressive properties of pure Erythrulose includes the aerobic fermentation of the bacterium Gluconobacter  followed by several purification steps.
In an invivo test volunteers were treated with a DHA/ Erythrulose solution and others treated with the DHA solution alone for 20 days.   Erythrulose in combination with DHA produced a more even and longer lasting tan without the undesired streaks.  The skin treated with the combination solution were 30% less dry than those treated with DHA alone.
The maximal tanning intensity was reached with the Erythrulose after 4-6 days and with DHA after 2 days.  This result shows that Erythrulose reacts with the free amino acids of the horny layer more slowly than DHA.   Due to this fact and to its more uniform distribution in the stratum corneum, Erythrulose is believed to be responsible for a more uniform and even tan.
Erythrulose in combination with DHA produces a deep, uniform and natural skin tan without undesired streaks.  Thanks to its retardation effect, Erythrulose prolongs the tan and leaves the skin less dry.